Fraudcreditcard in 2 Minutes Or Less

This video is priceless. It is one of the easiest to understand , most brief explanations of fraudcreditcard being perpetrated upon those approximately 18 million consumers who are allegedly “30 days late” or more on their credit card accounts.

I hope the partial list of “usual suspects” like the following have watched this video

•NCO Financial
•Midland Funding
•Northland Group Inc.
•Portfolio Recovery Associates
•Unifund Group
These have been the subject of recent FTC legal actions and penalties for illegal/abusive collection practices.  I hope state Attorneys General are watching this video as well.
I could say more but the video speaks for itself….. Rinse, reuse and recycle this to everyone you know seeking  credit card “debt” relief or facing a harassing “debt” collector. Enjoy

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