My Background And How I Can Educate The Public
Commercial diver

As a former deep sea diver, I know first hand how bad it can get being underwater in “debt” !

Todd Wetzelberger is a finance professional with a 13 year background in development and funding of large and small real estate projects, neighborhood revitalization, historic redevelopment, investing and property management. His development company has renovated over 100 units in two cities and he has been featured in the media for his expertise in real estate.

He has networked with some of the top professionals in the consumer, legal, and finance fields with decades of combined experience to bring together the best minds with a goal of educating consumers on their options when facing unscrupulous credit card companies and crooked “debt” collectors, having years of firsthand experience with them himself.

Resources include bankers and brokers with over 20yrs experience in their field, consumer protection specialists, attorneys specializing in credit card and debt collector compliance law, former judges, an IT/security specialist that worked in the White House Communications Office for 2 presidents, finance professionals with insider knowledge of how the banks work, and experts in both online and offline media to help spread the word to as many struggling consumers as possible.

The strategic partnerships he has formed, combined with his personal experience exposing and beating crooked “debt” collectors after hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans — wiping out his $3M real estate development business overnight — gives him expert insight into the difficulty and frustration that consumers experience when facing harassing “debt” collectors. This has given him the unique ability to share his experiences with others to solve their problems.