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What do I have to lose?  I understand that as soon as I get the famous Debt Validation Letter, I will see the power of the Ultimate Credit Card Debt Elimination System, I’ll get:

  • Debt Validation Letter – No Support – Ready for my information.
  • Get immediate access to the Debt Validation training module.
  • Ability to purchase the rest of the system LESS my $97 dollars spent today.
  • Learn the secrets bankers and “debt” collectors hope you never find out.
  • Learn what fully 95% of consumers have hidden from them every day.
  • Personally see what power this letter has.
  • Watch my stress and loathing of dealing with “debt” collectors fade away as I learn the tools to fight back.

I understand that for just $97 I’ll get the Debt Validation Letter and the training module with no support included, and get it in the mail today.

I guarantee you will be amazed when you receive the truth. You’ve likely never had this information revealed to you anywhere else.

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Complete Package Deals with Discounts

 Complete Elimination Package - No Support - $997
 Complete Elimination Package - Support Included - $2397
 Complete Elimination Package - Completed Documetns - $3397

No Support Products

 Debt Validation Letter - $97
 Credit Dispute Letters - $97
 Notice of Intent to Sue / Claim - $897
 37 Questions to Ask Attorney - $97
 Advanced Training Modules 7-9 - $197
 How to Handle Court Hearing - $97

Support Included Products

 Debt Validation Letter - $297
 Credit Dispute Letters - $297
 Notice of Intent to Sue / Claim - $2897

Completely Prepared Products

 Debt Validation Letter - $497
 Credit Dispute Letters - $497
 Notice of Intent to Sue / Claim - $3897

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Prepaid Credit Cards, Debit Cards- WHAT? You don’t take payment by debit or Prepaid credit card? Why not you ask?
Unfortunately the crooked banks that control the merchant processors via Mastercard and Visa have decided to classify the information you have already learned, and the additional information you are about to learn as a “high risk” informational resource.

Why is it “high risk”? It’s high risk to the banks because once you find out how they have been defrauding you, they are at risk of being put out of business.

The other alternative is to do business with “high risk” merchant processors who charge exorbitant processing fees. Guess who gets those fees passed on to? That’s right – You have to pay those fees in the form of charging more for this information. We know you have already gotten beaten up enough by the crooked banks and debt collectors so we decided not to gouge you any further.
To provide the most value at the lowest possible cost to you we decided to not give into the extortion payments for “high risk” merchant processing.

We know we may lose some members who want “instant gratification”, but the extra few steps in making payment the “old fashioned” way will sort out those that really want to put the information to use once they get it.

Send your check / money order for $97 made payable to Payments Plus, Inc. to our payment processer at the following address:

Payments Plus, Inc,
P.O. Box 24702
Baltimore, MD 21220

Allow 7 business days for payment to clear ad receiving your download link.

WANT FASTER ACCESS? If you email copy of USPS proof of mailing (copy of delivery confirmation receipt) to you will be notified immediately of your membership access by email and can get started the very same day.