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  • Are your credit card debts stressing you out?
  • Are debt-collectors calling and harassing you?
  • Are you tired of the mental volleyball after getting off the phone with them?
  • Are you tired of the stress of ducking their calls and the incessant ringing of the phone?
  • Are you being threatened with lawsuits, process servers and wage or bank account garnishments?
  • Not sure how you’re going to pay down those debts?


  1. You GET over 8 hours of no- nonsense, nuts and bolts training broken down into “step by step” bite sized Modules.
  2. Over 70 hours have gone into creating, re-creating, revising, getting feedback, and implementing suggestions from consumers just like you who have used the process to boil down the very best of what we have to offer.
  3. It’s as easy as following 1,2,3……. If you can count, you can follow the steps to success. You get the Training Modules, access to our private Members Only Site, and Support System.

TRAINING MODULES – Retail Value:  $ 2999.00

Module 1- Overview of the process and Quick Start Training. What to do right away if you have debt collectors breathing down your neck.

Module 2- Organizing files- Knowing how sloppy “debt” collectors are, staying organized is another winning tip. The best practices were shared by a street smart paralegal who learned these winning tips while working on much more complex cases than beating debt collectors. Staying organized will help YOU to easily run circles around them time and time again.

Module 3- How to quickly implement the table turning, foundational, validation letter that is the product of years of research, testing, revising, and application that immediately puts YOU in the driver’s seat.

Module 4- Analyzing your credit report to find “gold”, and turning tables on the credit bureaus as an unlikely ally in chasing away crooked “debt” collectors. For any of you that want to “clean” up your credit report later, this module is invaluable and worth the cost of the program by itself.

Modules 5 and 6- Notice to Sue and Sample Complaint- The bully beating, “make my day” culmination of all the steps you’ve taken to beat back the crooked debt collector. Only now they know you are not only fearless, you are actually coming after them to make them pay for trying to defraud you. This really can be “fun”.

Module 7- Why This Process Works- After you quickly get through the other steps, and experience the relief and power of being the one in control, this module reinforces why you made the decision you did, and reminds you of why this program is so powerful. It ties in all the steps to give you the “big picture”. (there are also several examples of “wins” on the books, including some of my own)

Module 8- Bonus Module- How to customize and file complaint. Most “debt” collectors usually tuck and run by this point but for those pesky ones who don’t “get the message” this module trains you how to follow through.

Module 9- Bonus Module- What to expect after you file the suit. Very few “debt” collectors stick around at this point because they know their goose is cooked. But for you “ambitious” types that always did the “extra credit” in school, I couldn’t resist giving you this bonus module that teaches you some of the advanced “secret tricks” that debt collectors may try to get away with. This module will prepare you for their tricks before they even try to use them on you. Imagine knowing what your enemy is going to do before they even do it? Debt collectors are truly “three or 4 trick ponies”. You will learn their tired boring tricks that fully 95% of consumers will never know.

Bonus Reports- Get the two Bonus Reports- 37 Questions To Ask Before You Hire An Attorney. This report is worth the cost of the program alone in the money you will not waste on hiring attorneys who don’t “get it”. The second bonus report, Secrets of The Credit Card Debt Collection Racket, will give you an inside look at the seedy underbelly of the debt collection racket and expose the secrets they don’t want you to know.

After getting and APPLYING this training, you will never look at the financial world the same way again. You’ll be able to immediately beat crooked debt collectors and adapt to any situation that involves money for the rest of your life. The ability to use this information after you solve your immediate problems is PRICELESS.

The training videos can be viewed ANY time of the day or night at your convenience. They give you the Fast Action Steps to turn the tables and put the “debt collector” on the ropes literally within a few weeks.

INSTANT PRIVATE DATA PROCESSING: Become a member and instantly begin the process with direct data entry and print your personal program. - Retail Value:  $1499.00

PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY SITE: You will be given immediate access to our member’s only site to insert your information and produce your paperwork! Imagine in one day you can begin your process, print it and put it in the mail. No other members will see your confidential information and your data entry is secured . – Retail Value: $499.00

SUPPORT SYSTEM: You also get backup support services as well with:

  • Frequently Asked Questions- if you are like most consumers similar questions come up over and over again so this should answer most of them.
  • Knowledgebase- Constantly being updated with any “new” questions we haven’t heard so you can search for answers that for some reason you may have missed from the training videos.
  • Email and phone support- This program was designed to be affordable and extremely valuable, so we’ve strived to leave no stone unturned to help you succeed with minimal input from us. But, if you are totally stuck we provide email support through our trouble ticket system. To keep the program affordable to all members we do request that you go through the training modules first before using the support system since most if not all the questions are answered there. Until you achieve the results we guarantee, no member is left alone – you receive unlimited customer support.Retail Value:  $499.00

You know the old phrase “give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life…?” That has been our singular goal with creating this program.

Getting out of credit card debt and staying out of debt is EASY… when you have a clear understanding of the rules of the game, including those “secrets” that have been hidden from you and me for most of our lives. It’s like your eyes are open to the world for the very first time.


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Modular Pricing Available

Please remember a $29 membership fee is required for all individual purchases (Members only organization)  Free membership is offered with each package plan.  Membership fee is non-refundable and renewed each year.  Membership Fee ($29) must be purchased before purchasing any other modules.  An email will be sent with your user name and password within 48 hours of purchase excluding weekends.  After Membership is purchased, you can purchase any module below by clicking the product.  all products will be delivered by email with 48 hours excluding weekends.  Video links will contain the password for access.

No Support Debt Elimination Package

Debt Validation Letter $97
Credit Dispute Letters $97
Notice of Intent to Sue / Claim $897
37 Questions to Ask Attorney $97
Advanced Training Modules 7-9 $197
How to Handle Court Hearing $97

or SAVE over $485 buying package

No Support Complete Debt Elimination Package $997

Support Included Debt Elimination Package

Debt Validation Letter $297
Credit Dispute Letters $297
Notice of Intent to Sue / Claim $2897

or SAVE over $1000 buying package

Complete Debt Elimination Package $2397

Documents Completed For You - Debt Elimination Package

Debt Validation Letter $497
Credit Dispute Letters $497
Notice of Intent to Sue / Claim $3897

or SAVE almost $1500 buying package

Complete Debt Elimination Package $3397